Step Into Animal Magic 2018

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Our 1st workshop called Animal Magic was run in conjunction with our friends at Talons. The sessions offered the opportunity to not only learn new skills for self-management but also to spend time with some amazing animals.

The workshop ran over 5 weeks and was held in the village hall in Pelynt near Looe. Some people traveled up from St Austell for the opportunity to take part in unique project.

From the apprehension of the 1st session to the happiness that developed with each workshop experience. The transformation was amazing.

Over the 5 weeks goal setting enabled each person to feel a sense of achievement and to explore opportunities to do what they were interested in. Some set goals around interests they had abandoned, whilst others took on new interests i.e. drawing. Activities working on mindfulness, exercise, coping with pain and fatigue were just a few of the areas looked at. For everyone who took part, the increase in confidence was clear to see and often mentioned as being so important. This also had an impact upon communication with those around them from family and friends through to health service support systems.

Step Into Animal Magic 2018Step Into Animal Magic 2018sleepy lamb

The staff and volunteers from Talons made sure that we had the opportunity to spend time with a wide range of animals, from cute 9-day old lambs to very long snakes! It was amazing to watch people grow in confidence and to become immersed in learning how to care for the animals. Overcoming your fears of anything can be empowering and everyone who took part handled big spiders, snakes and lizards, and they all did it willingly!

Step Into Animal Magic 2018

“Gave plenty of practical ideas to carry in to everyday life such as mindfulness, which I have been using on a day to day basis”.

“Made me more aware of how my symptoms were affecting me in ways I hadn’t even realised. Which made me able to change that using the skills that the course provided. It reminded me of some techniques that I had used in the past but had forgotten”.

Step Into Animal Magic 2018