Walking in MY Shoes

Walking In MY Shoes Awareness TrainingWalking in MY Shoes

Being diagnosed with and adapting life to accommodate a long term heath condition can be a very difficult journey. Not only for those with the health condition but also for those around them.

Our aim is to challenge preconceptions about those who live with long term health conditions and to enable people to recognise the different strengths of an individual. Preconceptions may be held by not only the individual themselves but also family, friends, employers, workmates etc.

If we have no understanding how can we work with individuals or groups to reduce obstacles? How can we support people to break free?

Walking in MY Shoes

Feedback from Training Participants 

Don’t judge people by the way they look – or don’t look.

Very informative and emotional at times, we do not always see the “bigger picture”. Will be less judgemental and listen to patients in the future.

I think it was very thought provoking and a valuable experience to hear from a person who lives each day against all odds. The comments about people’s reactions to scars from surgery – this makes me realise just how tunnel versioned we are to other people’s life journeys and their battles to stay alive/survive.

I found this thoroughly inspirational – it has really made me think about the emotional aspect of patient care, and inspired me to take that back to my work role.