Easter Event Looe 2017

Our fundraiser in Looe at Easter was greeted by glorious sunshine and an amazing venue. The event was opened by Councilor Edwina Hannaford and we are so grateful for her support. We have included the text and some photographs from her Facebook feed as it sums up things up nicely.

Barn Owl Millpool Centre Looe

Step into My Shoes Easter Fun Day

I was honoured to open the Easter Fun Day in the Millpool Centre this morning. It was a collaboration between Talons ReptileĀ and Rapters Show and the ‘not for profit’ organisation Step Into MY Shoes community interest company.
Their aim is to promote education and awareness for those living with long term health conditions and those that support them.

The CIC was set up by three people who live with long term health conditions, seeing the impact this has on their own lives and the lives of those around them.

They have set up Step Into MY Shoes, a non-profit organisation, so that they can work alongside people whose lives are also impacted and including those that care for them. Overcoming the barriers which each of them face is a personal journey, however it is also a journey that does not need to be made in isolation. Identifying challenges and then finding the motivation, tools and support to adapt can easier with others.

They have already run workshops for healthcare professionals to raise awareness of some of these challenges and are looking forward to expanding this provision.

They feel very passionate about the work they do and are working towards raising funds so they can deliver workshops and courses to people in areas across Cornwall.

Visitors were able to cuddle rats, huge rabbits, a hairless guinea pig, a number of various snakes and spiders and even a hedgehog.

Easter Event Looe 2017